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Creative Edibles for baking, decorating, or snacking!

Edible Snowflake Shaped Decorations from Disney's Frozen™

Awesome Edible Snowflake Shaped Confetti
SKU: 291278016

Edible Tree Decorating Wafers

Edible confetti for baking and decorating shaped like holiday trees with a star on top!
SKU: 891256011

Case of Edible Tree Decorating Wafers

24 bags of tasty decorating wafers shaped like pine trees with a star on top.
SKU: 891256011c

HERSHEY'S mini-KISSES Brownie Skillet baking gift set

HERSHEY'S mini-KISSES Skillet Baking Gift Set comes with a 5" cast iron skillet and baking mix.
SKU: 840579017

Case of Galerie Fangs w/Gummy Tongue

12 colorful gummy tongues in 3 colors with plastic fangs. Classic Halloween accessory.
SKU: 491351017c

Case of Galerie Halloween Gummy Stackers

12 gummy candy skewers. Each comes with witch and pumpkin gummies.
SKU: 491232016c

Case of Galerie Halloween Brain Freeze Mold with Candy

6 Molds to create your own frozen brain for Halloween fun.
SKU: 400531017c
Stock: 157

Case of Disney Frozen Edible Snowflake Shaped Confetti

Case has 12 individual containers.
SKU: 291278016c

Case of Galerie Edible Easter Grass

Case has 12 individually packaged bags in 3 varieties.
SKU: 391473017c

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