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Anniversaries are sweeter Galerie Candy & Gifts Happy Anniversary Gift Box, a great gift for all ages! Choose from one of our five unique goody assortments, carefully curated to satisfy every candy lover's cravings. Each gift box is beautifully designed, making it the perfect Anniversary Gift.

Assortment Options:

  1. Galerie Favorites: Indulge in the classic taste of our Galerie Favorites selection, featuring a mouth-watering assortment of candies and chocolates that have been crowd-pleasers for years. Included are: 5 Ct Froot Loops Cereal Straws, 5 Ct Cocoa Crispies Cereal Straws, Jelly Bean Blaster, Bunny Dispenser with Candy, Froot Loops Gummies 4 oz, Galerie Gumballs and Galerie Candy dispenser Refill

  2. Strength & Speed: Fuel the Spiderman and Hot Wheel enthusiast in your life with our Strength & Speed assortment. This is a great selection for any occassion and includes: Finders Keepers Hot Wheels Chocolate with Surprise, Spiderman Tin with Chocolate, Spiderman Jumbo Gummy, Jelly Bean Blaster, Candy Building Blocks

  3. L.O.L. Surprise: Add some fun and laughter to your loved one's birthday with our L.O.L. Surprise goody assortment. Packed with L.O.L. Surprise-themed items including: L.O.L. Surprise Character Marshmallow Head, Finders Keepers LOL, Surprise Chocolate with Surprise, LOL Surprise Tin with Chocolate, Jelly Bean Blaster, 2 Rock Candy on Stick, LOL Surprise Giant Gummy

  4. Hello Kitty: Hello Kitty lovers will adore this sweet and adorable assortment featuring a variety of Hello Kitty-themed candies, gummies, and chocolates. The cute packaging and delectable treats make this collection irresistible, including: Hello Kitty Plush with Candy, Kello Kitty Jumbo Marshmallow Head, 2 Finders Keepers Hello Kitty Chocolate Egg and Surprise, Hello Kitty Gumbo Gummy, Galerie Gumballs, 2 Rock Candy on Stick

  5. Mandalorian: Bounty hunters and Star Wars fans alike will be thrilled with our Mandalorian assortment. This epic collection features Mandalorian-themed items, including: Grogu with Peppermint Candy, Finders Keepers The Mandalorian Gummies with Surprise, Star Wars the Mandalorian Strawberry Lolipop, Star Wars The Mandalorian Grogu Giant Gummy, Star Wars: The Mandalorian Tin with Chocolate, Star Wars The Mandalorian Grogo Candy Dispenser with candy, Galerie Candy dispenser Refill

Key Features:

  • Five unique goody assortments to choose from
  • Beautifully designed gift box, perfect for saying Happy Anniversary or I Love You
  • Each assortment features a mix of candies, chocolates, and themed items
  • The perfect gift for candy lovers, kids, and adults alike
  • Guaranteed to put a smile on the recipient's face

Don't miss the chance to make this Anniversary unforgettable with one of our five exclusive goody assortments.