Licensed Galerie L.O.L. Surprise! Marshmallow

L.O.L. Surprise!
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Galerie L.O.L. Surprise Character Marshmallows: The Ultimate Easter Basket Filler

Elevate your Easter celebration with Galerie L.O.L. Surprise character marshmallows, the best Easter basket filler for kids. Enjoy delightful 3" vanilla treats shaped like fan-favorite characters!

Are you looking for the perfect Easter basket filler that will delight your little L.O.L. Surprise fan? Look no further! Galerie L.O.L. Surprise character marshmallows are the ideal choice for a festive and memorable Easter experience. Kids of all ages will adore these tasty 3" tall, vanilla-flavored marshmallows, shaped and decorated to resemble their favorite L.O.L. Surprise characters.

Each Galerie L.O.L. Surprise character marshmallow is individually wrapped to ensure optimal freshness and deliciousness. These irresistible marshmallows are perfect for gifting, sharing, or simply enjoying on your own. The bright and captivating packaging makes them a dazzling addition to any Easter basket, party, or celebration.

These L.O.L. Surprise character marshmallows not only taste fantastic but also feature charming designs that bring your favorite collectible characters to life. Their delightful appearance makes them a fun and engaging treat for both kids and adults.

Galerie L.O.L. Surprise character marshmallows are an essential addition to any Easter basket this season. They're the perfect way to spread joy and excitement to the L.O.L. Surprise fans in your life. Make this year's Easter celebration truly remarkable with these sweet and playful treats!

  • Galerie L.O.L. Surprise Character Marshmallows: Make Your Easter Basket Extra Special
  • Individually Wrapped for Freshness and Delight
  • Adorable Decorated Marshmallow Designs
  • The Perfect Easter Basket Filler for L.O.L. Surprise Fans

Candy weight of each pop: 1.23 oz