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*BONUS* Recipe for Tasty Swamp Muck with Floating Eyeballs

Combine 2 liter of limeade, 2 liter of lemon lime soda in large container.  Add frozen orange sherbet.  As sherbet melts it will create a "muck" over the top.  Add your frozen gummy eyeball ice cube creations and watch your Halloween guests as eyes stare back at them from their swamp muck cooler!  Fun for all ages!

Galerie Halloween Ice Cube Tray Eyeballs

Creepy fun for your Halloween guests!

This is a must-have for Halloween parties!

Galerie presents trays with colorful gummy eyeballs ready for you to add your favorite beverage and freeze!  Eyeball ice cubes will send chills down the spines and throats of thirsty guests at your haunted holiday bash!  

Trays come in purple and orange.

Best By Date:10/01/2020

Halloween ice cube trays with eyeballs
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