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Personalized Eggs - 2017

Order your 42, custom printed, candy-filled eggs.

Think outside the basket!  Eggs come with candy, but once the candy is gone, the eggs can be repurposed however your creative side dictates.

Personalize your eggs with a group or company name to use for marketing.  Customers get candy from you, and a small container with your name on it to keep!

Commemorate a special event or occasion.  Have a date or location printed on the eggs and provide them as a special keepsakes!


Individualize each Egg!  Print something different on each of the 42 for the same price!  Great for Egg hunts!  

Random assortment of eggs in 6 different colors! 

Limit: 12 characters per egg

Customized Easter Eggs
This product only allows quantities of 1.

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