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Galerie PJ Animal Plushies

Adorable animals each dressed in a bunny onesie with jelly beans!

Looking for a cute little plushy for someone special to cuddle?   Check out these adorable critters all dressed-up in cute onesie bunny pajamas!  Each comes with a package of BRACH'S jelly beans.

These plush are 'Oh, so soft' and make great Easter basket fillers!

Hard to choose which is the cutest of these fab four: Duckling, Monkey, Puppy, and Frog!  Hood with bunny ears will fold back off the head while remaining attached.

Plushies average size:  5.00 x 3.0 x 3.00 inch

*Recommended for ages 3 & Up*

Best By Date: 07/20/2018

Galerie animals in Onesies Plush
duck, dog, monkey, frog
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