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Case of HERSHEY'S Jumbo Latte Mugs With Lava Kisses

4 HERSHEY'S Lava Kisses Mugs per case.

Super cute for your morning coffee! Or evening hot chocolate! Or anytime! Makes for a fun Valentine's Day gift for a friend who could use a little pick-me-up!

This ceramic mug has bright pink, light pink, brown, and white heart designs and comes in 2 colors! Each mug comes with 8 dark chocolate Lava Cake HERSHEY'S Kisses that have gooey chocolate centers, YUM!

Case includes:4 mugs, color combinations in casemay vary.

Item Specs: H x D x W   10.75 x 4 x 5.5

Item Weight: 29.5 OZ

Outer Carton Dimensions: H x D x W    11 x 10 x 9.88

Case Weight: 7 LBS

Candy Label Weight: 1.3 OZ

Candy Content: Lava Kisses

Best By:11/30/2019

HERSHEY'S Jumbo Latte Mugs
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