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Case of 12 Fuzzy Fur Bunny Finders Keepers With Chocolate

Case has 12 individually boxed sets. Each has a chocolate treat and a fuzzy fur bunny surprise toy.

No need to adjust your monitor!  The picture isn't fuzzy - the Bunnies are! 

The product includes a 0.7 oz foil wrapped egg of pure milk chocolate and a surprise fuzzy fur bunny toy in every box with interchangeable parts for mixing and matching! Different color headgear and glasses.  Just when you think you have collected them all - you find another fun color accessory. Each bunny has either headgear or eyewear.   

**Toys and chocolate egg are NOT to scale**

 **Warning- Choking Hazard- Recommended for ages 3 and up**

Box Specs: H x D x W 5.50 x 1.88 x 3.19 inch

Item Weight: 1.65 oz

Candy: Chocolate  Candy Label Weight: 0.7 oz

Best By Date: 06/14/2020

FK Fuzzy Fur Bunny 12ct
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