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Looking for treats for those who are sweet?  Let us help.

Chocolates and lollipops for the classroom or the individual are easy to find at Galerie.

Make shopping easy with Finders Keepers. Collectible toy and candy combo kids love!

Featured products

36 Personalized eggs with packaged jellybeans already inside. Ready to hide!

Case has 22 long stem chocolate roses. Perfect Valentine's Day treat.

This pack has 12 individually boxed sets containing an L.O.L SURPRISE!™ Egg with milk chocolate and toy.

Pack has 12 individually boxed sets. Each has hard candies and a Spiderman themed surprise toy.

This pack has 12 individually boxed sets containing a Peppa Pig Surprise Egg with milk chocolate and toy.

Gummy Skewers in 2 varieties. Party favorite!

Heart Boxes in 3 designs with REESE'S peanut butter cups!

Choose from HERSHEY'S or REESES Heart shaped-skillet baking Gift Sets.

6 bright pink cups come with character shaped gummy candies.

Choose from 4 pairs of cuddly animal hugging with tasty chocolate hearts!

Small candy tart refills for Galerie dispensers and poopers. 4 bags included.

Millenium Falcon, BB-8 and others included in this 6 pack of candy dispensers.