Bluey Large Gummy in Box: Fun for Bluey Fans(Case of 8)

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Step into the world of Bluey with our exciting Bluey Large Gummy in Box! This delightful treat is perfect for fans of the adorable Blue Heeler pup from the popular TV series. Each box reveals a jumbo-sized, Bluey-shaped gummy, bursting with a fruity flavor that's sure to please. It's not just a delicious snack; it's also a fun way to celebrate your child's love for Bluey. The attractively designed box makes this gummy a wonderful gift or collectible item, ideal for birthdays, parties, or just as a special treat. Whether you’re planning a Bluey-themed event or looking for a unique snack, this large gummy is bound to bring joy and smiles. Grab one today and make snack time an adventurous delight with Bluey!

Perfect for Birthday Parties!

Case of 8.