Froot Loops 3.5oz Bag of Jelly Beans(Case of 30)

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Step into a world of nostalgic delight with our Froot Loops 3.5oz Bag of Jelly Beans! These jelly beans capture the essence of the iconic Froot Loops cereal in a fun, bite-sized form. Each bag offers a kaleidoscope of colors and the familiar fruity flavors that have made Froot Loops a breakfast favorite. The 3.5oz size is perfect for individual enjoyment – whether you're on the move, packing a sweet snack for lunch, or indulging in a moment of tasty nostalgia. These jelly beans are not only a delightful treat for cereal lovers but also add a playful touch to parties, gatherings, and holiday celebrations like Easter. Easy to store and carry, you can enjoy the cheerful taste of Froot Loops anywhere, anytime. Grab a bag and let every bean take you on a flavorful journey back to your favorite childhood breakfast!


30 Bags per case.